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Martyn Gerrard Mill Hill – Estate Agent Review (Spoiler – A Terrible Experience)

Martyn Gerrard Mill Hill are one of the supposedly eminent estate agents in the area – apparently priding themselves on honesty, integrity and yadaydayda.

I couldn’t say I found this to be the case and in fact found the whole process of NOT putting our house on the market with them frustrating and childish.

Estate agents have a bad rep – the dirty games, the emotional trickery, the gamesmanship. Some are probably good at it – I didn’t find this to be the case in this instance.

Martyn Gerrard Mill Hill

mill hill's martyn gerrardThe whole experience with Martyn Gerrard, Mill Hill left myself and my wife with a bad taste and their efforts at chicanery resembled a toddler’s attempts at stuffing the post digested remnants of sweet wrappings down the side of the sofa.

Context is important in scenarios like this. We first came across Jatin Shah from Martyn Gerrard Mill Hill when we put our house on the market with another estate agent last year. We went to see a house in the locality, were impressed and returned for a second viewing. It was then the jiggery pokery began. Upon a second viewing, the once friendly, happy go lucky estate agent played hard to get, distancing himself from our offer, missing calls and follow ups on emails – showcasing himself as a master of his craft…….lol. Fair enough that’s what estate agents do – it’s childish and silly but they’re the games they play I get that. Either way, we didn’t follow up on the property.

Months progressed, a number of calls were made from Martyn Gerrard on the status of the sale of our property were made and eventually we didn’t sell and took the house off the market.

It wasn’t a especially negative experience, they were a bit pitiful but meh – it is what it is…..a game

April 2019 rolls around

We decide to contact Martyn Gerrard to help us sell our property. Afterall, they had called us numerous times in 2018 suggesting they’d like to.

A Timeline of Current Dealings with Martyn Gerrard Mill Hill

So, we called them up and arranged a time to meet – 12PM on 18th April – all fine!

At 11pm on 18th April we receive a call asking to move the meeting to 4pm for “an emergency”. I looked out the window – nothing looked especially out of place – but for “an emergency” how could I be so unobliging?

At 4pm on 18th April – nobody arrives – we await the arrival of the rep of the “award winning agent where integrity counts.”

At 4.20 pm on 18th April we receive a call to say that there has been an issue and Gregg Cruder will be with us at 4.30pm.

Gregg Cruder arrives at 4.40pm

Gregg is affable, offers help – says he’ll be in touch next week.

At 12pm on the 26th April – Gregg Cruder hasn’t called back so my wife calls. His colleague Jatin Shah picks up and says he’s on the other line – Gregg Cruder will call back soon. Gregg still hasn’t called back.

I’ve no idea what the game is, what is going on or why.

2 calls later and 2 more promises of Gregg, who is in a perpetual meeting, returning the call – no call!

Anyhow still no response from them over a week later.

So, all I can say is if you want to waste your time with Martyn Gerrard Mill Hill feel free but we found it a remarkably unsatisfying experience.

If you’ve to try and showcase you’re honest by claiming you are repeatedly again and again on your site – something is up in my opinion.

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