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Zyliss Smart Guard Gourmet Mandoline with Julienne

Product Name:Smart Guard Gourmet Mandoline with Julienne
Zyliss Smart Guard Gourmet Mandoline with Julienne (hover to zoom) (tap once to zoom, tap left, right, top, bottom to move image, tap outside of image to cancel)

Pros of the Zyliss Mandolin

Keeps your fingers protected from the blades

Features a spring lock system to keep food in place

Creates uniform slices every time

Comes complete with a safety cover

Easy to use

Cons of the Zyliss Mandolin

The extra blades are difficult to click in place

A simple Mandoline

What is it the Zyliss Mandoline Slicer

A simple Mandoline, this slicer gives you the chance to create perfect slices in no time at all. It is safe, easy to use and best of all is designed to tackle a range of foods. Everything that you could want from a kitchen gadget.

What accessories are included Zyliss Mandoline Slicer?

Whilst the main focus of this Mandoline is its safety features, that isn’t the only plus point that it comes with. As well as the standard slicing blade, this Mandoline also boasts 3 other blades for creating a range of different shapes and thicknesses.

What is it like to use the Zyliss Slicer?

You will always feel comfortable when using this Mandoline, especially since your fingers are completely kept away from the blades. It is also completely sturdy thanks to the rubber feet and stands at an angle to make sure that it is easy to create your slices. The only problem with using this Mandoline is that the additional blades are tricky to put in place and will take some practice to master.

What can you use the Zyliss Mandolin for?

There are some Mandolines out there that are not suitable for softer fruits and vegetables. This certainly isn’t the case with this model. Not only is it perfect for creating chips, julienne carrots and other harder food products, but it is so sharp that it can be used to slice tomatoes too.

How easy is it to clean this Zyliss Slicer?

We love reading on the instructions that a gadget is dishwasher safe, and we are happy to say that this Mandoline comes with that recommendation. This means that after you have made all those glorious slices you can pop it in the dishwasher and rinse off all the juice left over. Ready to go again.

 Is it easy and safe to store?

When you are picking a kitchen gadget you will often want to make sure that it is easy to store when not in use. This Mandoline comes with collapsible legs which means that it can be folded away and popped in the cupboard, taking up as little space as possible.

Conclusion on the Zyliss Mandoline Slicer

If safety is a main concern for you then this Mandoline is ideal. It keeps your fingers protected and safe whilst you are busy chopping up those vegetables. The Zyliss Mandolin Slicer is easy to clean and even easier to store, just make sure you practice changing those blades when you need to.

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