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Tupperware Slicer – Time Savers Mandoline Slice Cut

Product Name:Time Savers Mandoline Slice Cut
Tupperware Slicer –  Time Savers Mandoline Slice Cut (hover to zoom) (tap once to zoom, tap left, right, top, bottom to move image, tap outside of image to cancel)


  • Folding legs for easy storage
  • Safe to use as it’s a tupperware slicer
  • Can create a number of different shapes and thicknesses
  • Comes in a variety of colours
  • Dishwasher safe


  • May not cut some harder vegetables without pre preparation
  • Can be bulky when not in use

What is this Tupperware Slicer?

This Mandoline from the Tupperware range and is a low cost option for those searching for an effective and easy to use Mandoline for their kitchen.

What accessories are included with this Mandoline Tupperware Slicer?

If you are looking for a mandoline that has a lot of accessories, then this is not the one for you. It is a simple design, and whilst it offers plenty of different slice types there are not interchangeable blades offered with this particular model.

What is it like to use this Tupperware Slicer?

One thing that is important when using a Mandoline is that it is safe. With such a sharp blade so close to your fingers you need to ensure that you have the right guard to protect you from any cuts. The Mandoline also has non-skid feet too which are designed to keep it stable whilst in use.

What can you use a Tupperware Vegetable Chopper for?

With the ability to cut fruits and vegetables into 8 different shapes this Mandoline can help you to create a variety of different dishes. Slices, sticks, cubes, julienne, crinkles and even waffles. All of these are possible with this Tupperware Mandoline.

How easy is a Mandoline Tupperware Slicer to clean?

As this particular Mandoline can be placed into your dishwasher it couldn’t be any easier to clean! Just like any other kitchen accessory it is always a good idea to rinse off before you pop into the dishwasher. Just to make sure it is as clean as could be.

Is a Tupperware Vegetable Chopper easy and safe to store?

Safety was definitely an important consideration when Tupperware designed this Mandoline. It comes with a blade case which means that when it stored away in the cupboard there is a low risk that you will cut yourself.

Conclusions on this Tupperware Mandoline

If you are looking for an easy to use, easy to store and efficient Mandoline then perhaps this is the one for you. Not only does it come in a variety of colours to fit in with your kitchen theme; but it is safe, secure and easy to store too.

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