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Tips on How to Use a Mandolin Slicer

Looking for a way to make food preparation at home all the easier? If you are then a mandolin slicer might just be the ideal purchase for you. These useful little slicers can simplify a variety of dishes and take the stress and hassle out of creating delicious meals.

How to Use your Mandolin to its Full Potential

We have put together some of our top tips for using your mandolin slicer; all of which should help you to really appreciate this epic kitchen tool.

Safety First when Using a Mandolin Slicer

The blades on a mandolin are sharp; just ask anyone who has ever cut themselves on them. It is important to use the hand guard that comes with your mandolin and protect your precious fingers.

The food that you are slicing should be firmly attached to the guard so that you can not only quickly slice but also safely slice too.

If you are really worried about safety, then you can always invest in a cutting love for extra protection.

Make sure you have the right blade when using your Mandoline

When you buy a mandolin you will often find that there are 3 or 4 different blades that can be clicked, slid or inserted into place. If you are not sure which blade is which, or what it can do, then why not try them out on a potato before you prep your dinner? This means that you will learn more about how each blade will work and stop food waste when preparing dinner.

Keep your Kitchen Mandoline Secure

One of the worst things when using a mandolin is having it sliding all over the countertop and causing issues with the slicing.

To make sure that it stays secure you should place it on a cutting board that will keep hold of the mandolin and stop it moving around. The chopping board will also catch all those slices and stop them landing all over the counter top.

Many mandolins will also come with secure rubber feet, which will help to stop it from moving.

Keep your Kitchen Mandoline clean

A clean mandolin is one that will work well for you. Give it a rinse off with hot water and a mild soap once you are finished using it. This stops food waste building up on the blades; dulling them and stopping it from cutting those even slices that you want.

Cut things down to size

If you have a fruit or vegetable that is too big to slice with ease, then you might want to grab a knife and cut it down a slice or two.

Having smaller chunks to deal with will make your life easier and ensure that you have those perfect slices that you are looking for.

How to Use a Mandoline Quickly

When running the fruit or vegetable over the blade, the trick is to use rapid movements. This speed means that the blade can easily slice through the food and gives you the perfect even slices that are going to form an important part of your meal.

What things can I create?

Now you know the top tips for using your mandolin, we have put together some of the most delicious things that you can create using the variety of different blades that they come with.

Just some great ideas include:

  • Onion Rings
  • Coleslaw
  • The best fries ever
  • Perfectly sliced cheese
  • Beautiful vegetable and fruit garnish

Mandolins are the perfect addition to any kitchen. Whether you like to rustle up a delicious family dinner or think of yourself as a bit of a pro. There is so much that you can make with these great slicers.

These tips will help you understand how to use a mandolin slicer

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